Advice for 2014 School Captains

My advise for the future school captains are really simple. So I’m going to start with the quality’s  that you will diffidently need to have, the first quality you to have is to be brave( If your not  brave how are going to have the confidence to go up at assemble and present every time it’s on.  The second quality you are going to need to have is confidence, a nether quality your going to  need to have is to give up your time to help( Because your going to have to stay inside a lot and  work on stuff like the SRC agenda, reports and many more.


Some of the upsides for being a school captain is one, the popularity, you will start to be noticed  all around the school, every one knows your name. Another upside for being a school captain is  that you get to help out with a lot of things to do with the school, like for example, this year I  am help out to design the quiet garden area, so when I come back here when it’s built I can  think that I had that idea or I helped with that, it just feels good. Another upside of being a  school captain is that you gain a lot of resect from the principles and staff, and one time this  year the school captains were invited to a morning tea for our hard work.


Just remember that if you are school captain, to never worry about any thing, because it gets  your mind off focus, and your always going to need to be on focus to be a school captain.


I would have to say is that this role takes a lot of work, and you have to remember that class  homework always comes before school captain work. So if your generally a bit behind in your  class work, I recommend that you don’t go for this job.


So overall, I think that school captain is a very rewarding and fun job.

MathsMate Week 6

Predict: I predict that this question will be about the costs of things.


Which deal cost the less per metre?

A) $1.50 for 15 m

B) $5.00 for 45 m

Clarify: Nothing to clarify

The big question: Which deal cost the less per metre?

Solve: To solve this question, what I did was I timed the A deal by three and it turned out to be 45 m for $4.50, that mean that it is less to buy the A deal than the B deal.

Mathamations Toolbox: For this question I used”Make a table or list”.


100 WC Week 12

Hi it’s Jack from Australia, I’ve heard that you’ve been having some tough times over there in the Philippines, I’m just writing a letter to you to try and get better. What I want you to do there is to help with anything that has been destroyed and help any one that has been hurt in the disaster. Anything that you think will help you get through these tough times. But there is one thing that you must remember, you must always remember that everything is going to be all right. Hope you get better with your country, See ya.

Albert Osborn

Albert Osborn was born in 1858 on a farm near Grass Lake. In Grass Lake he attended the nearby country school.  He then attended the State College at Lansing where he became interested in the art of penmanship.  With great work and practice, he felt he could become a teacher of penmanship.

In 1882, he got a letter from the Rochester Business Institute, offering him a position as a teacher of penmanship. He then started to get interested in handwriting, typewriting, paper, ink, and contested documents.

As soon as Mr. Osborn became a highly qualified teacher, lawyers began submitting questioned document problems to him. By 1920, his business had grown so much that he moved from Rochester to New York City where he opened an office and began to devote all of his time to document work.

For many years,  Osborn invited many of America’s leading document examiners to meet for educational workshop at his building. This was proved to be great value to these document examiners.

Albert Osborn and others felt so good about their group, that they decided to make a association. In 1942, the American Society of Questioned Documents was founded by Albert Osborn as its first president, a position he held for four years.

Mr. Osborn remained active with his work all the way up to the time of his death in 1946.

300 word story

One day at the dead of night a bucket of hot chip came to life. But the hot chips was planning to leave the chips shop and live a great life, after he had seen what happened to his friends Salty and Nando, he needed to make it the garbage truck for him to confirm his freedom. But what he didn’t know was that the garbage truck crushes everything that goes in there.

20 minutes later……..

“Nooooooooooooooooooo”. Yelled chippy chip chip. The doors are starting to close on him, the other chips are watching in fear. Chippy Chip Chip. 4: oo pm to 4: 30 pm.

At least that’s what they thought……………………

10 years later……….

“Here I am all most life less, rotten and smelly I am still here on this world they call earth, where as though I call the land of torture, still wondering if my well know friends Nando and Salty made it out alive. They were supposed to meet me at the park the next day but they never showed up. But what I do know is that there is a chance that my friends are still alive because I read an article out of the newspaper the following day about the shop had just closed down. But it’s been ten years since that day.” But wait a second; those two chips sprinting towards me look awfully familiar. “Holly molly, by the name of god it’s Salty and Nando. The three friends all hugged a really long hug, and then they asked Chippy Chip Chip how he survived the garbage truck. “When I noticed that the garbage truck was closing on me, I thought to myself to try and find something to hide in that wouldn’t get crushed, so I found a small tin can and only just held”. Wow that’s amazing Chippy. They all lived a great life.


How to give the perfect speech


The first thing you will need to perform the perfect speech is to have a lot of the right presenting quality’s, These quality’s conclude, to not have stage fright(If you have stage fright you just not going to deliver a good speech because all you want to do up there is get off the stage, and by thinking that you are going to be talking a million miles per hour and your specking loudness will  basically be on mute). Another quality you want to have is body language(If you don’t have body language, you will be the most boring presenter the world has ever seen, because you will just be standing there like a stump and nobody will enjoy that) The next thing that you want to have is expression(If you don’t have expression you will sound like a robot and nobody will want to listen to you. Ok, well that’s my guide on how to give perfect speech.

CSI vs Reality

What we see on those TV shows like CSI it is often not the truth about what happens in a real life forensic science lab. For example, the investigating rooms in shows like CSI are often really dark where as though in real life the rooms are always really light to try and find clues. In shows like CSI they say we’ll send down the evidence to get examined, and get it back in an hour, but in reality it often takes about two weeks to get the results back.